Press Relations


Press relations: strenghten your brand

Press relations are not an objective in themselves. However, they are an excellent way of getting your message across: whether you want to raise your brand awareness, generate leads or boost sales.

Press relations: where to begin?

How do we operate? We start by getting to know your brand and then decide on the appropriate communication strategy: what product or service to spotlight, what message to get across to which target group, and when?

Then we get down to work: creative press releases, press events, press trips... This can range from one activity only to a detailed annual plan. We know the journalists and what inspires them. We deliver custom-made content. Thanks to us, the media will take care of your PR!

Results first

Communicating with the media is all fine and well but fairly pointless if the information is not used. We value results above all.  Thanks to our media monitoring, you can measure the success of your campaign in relation to the invested budget.

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