Corporate Communication


We help you develop a corporate communications strategy. Corporate communication is a set of activities designed to promote your company’s or organisation’s image among your customers and partners. It typically distinguishes itself from brand communication in that it focuses on promoting the organisation, rather than merely showcasing its products or services. Aside from media communication, it more often than not also encompasses strategic aspects, crisis communication, media training and event marketing.

Corporate communication

Our corporate communications strategy helps our clients to enhance and boost their image. The corporate messages and communication campaigns we create are designed to enhance the profile of our client. Communications like these would generally include testimonials, success stories, pieces about your corporate values, management and the quality of your products. A one-to-one interview with the CEO and/or the company’s spokesperson is often an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the company, its knowhow and skills.

Crisis communication

Crisis communication involves putting the right tools in place, preventively where possible, to enable a company to engage in controlled communication, tailored to the circumstances, regardless of the crisis. The objective is to protect and defend the company in situations in which it faces a public challenge to its reputation. One of the ways to prepare for events like these is to compile Q&A’s that deal with company-specific topics and to learn how to answer them through media training. Our media trainings are very interactive, focusing on exercises with camera.

Media training

Media training is a practical training course designed to give spokespersons (occasional and permanent) or anyone designated to answer journalists’ questions an understanding of the Belgian media landscape and of a journalist’s job. Media training prepares them for any presentations they have to give and teaches them how to spontaneously deal with any questions from the written press, radio and television. This training course, which is entirely practice-oriented, uses an interactive pedagogical approach. It mainly consists of exercises in front of the camera.

Communication and strategy

Two cents recommends all its clients to always start with a creative strategic plan that is realistic both in terms of budget and agenda. Based on a checklist and a clear plan we create a tailor-made strategy.

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