Influencer Marketing

Influencers: a new way of communication

Nowadays, influencers are an indispensable part of communication strategies. Through online communication, they build up a connection with their followers. This new communication channel is not to be overlooked while drawing up your strategy.

Conquering the heart of the influencer

When setting up influencer actions, we always seek for a win-win partnership. In order to be able to send a certain message to their audience, influencers need to be convinced about the product or service, and need to be tempted by it. Two cents builds and maintains a strong relationship with the influencer, in which we position him or her in a privileged position. They get the chance to test products, to participate in events or to meet you in person. The influencer will be a true ambassador for your brand, and as such, you have created a new channel for your communication.

Online and original

Influencer actions increase in popularity and frequency. Thinking outside the box enables us to propose original actions, that really stand out in the crowd of internet campaigns. To make sure you get the spotlight you deserve, we work with the influencers to create the best strategy for getting your message across, and making sure your message sticks.

Long-term relationship

To be able to propose a partnership that aligns with your needs and expectations, Two cents develops long-term relationships with the influencers. By working with them, we can offer you this new service, completely tailored to your needs.

Keeping an eye on the internet

We don’t want to miss any opportunity, so Two cents constantly monitors the internet for up-and-coming influencers. We contact them to build up professional relationships.

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