Content & PR at Two cents

Trust Two cents to deliver relevant content and public relations. Our mission: to meet your communication needs with customized solutions. Our Project Managers keep abreast of the latest trends, undergo continuous training, are actively informed and are always up to date. Our aim? To offer you the most relevant and effective service possible.

Press Relations

Through various actions (press release, press lunch, round table, ...) we create a tailor-made press strategy in order to:

  • increase your media coverage
  • reinforce your reputation to be/remain the 'top of mind' in your sector
  • establish a long-term relationship between you and the press (specialized and/or general

We analyze your sector's sections, features and editorial calendars to make sure you don't miss out on any press opportunities.

Influence marketing

We work closely with appropriate (micro, medium, macro) influencers to : 

  • develop appropriate campaigns that speak to your target audience 
  • increase your visibility on social networks and strengthen engagement with your brand 

We use our expertise to target the most relevant influencers for your brand, sector and target group, and monitor industry trends to optimize each campaign.

Copywriting - Content Marketing

Our team of qualified copywriters, native speakers of Dutch and French, write for you to :

  • optimize your web content with SEO copywriting 
  • produce captivating texts for all your media (magazines, intranet, newsletters, etc.)
  • create engaging posts for your social networks 

We don't just translate, we adapt each text to the target language to ensure effective communication. We closely monitor search engine algorithm updates and social media trends to constantly optimize your content. With the tools you need to monitor and prevent your reputation, we also take care of your company's crisis communications.

Crisis communication

In a crisis or difficult situation, you need to communicate effectively. To do this, it's essential to have the right support. By communicating quickly, honestly and transparently, brands can influence public perception and limit the impact of a crisis on their image.

Corporate communication

Corporate communications promote the image of a company or organization. Unlike traditional brand communication, which focuses more on products and services, it fosters the confidence of customers, investors, employees and society as a whole. This creates an environment conducive to achieving the company's objectives and long-term growth.

Employer Branding

Employer Branding represents a company's reputation as an employer. This dimension has become crucial to attracting and retaining the best talent. At Two cents, we set out to : 

  • define and promote your unique value proposition as an employer  
  • attract the talent that best fits your company and its culture  
  • foster employee engagement and loyalty to reduce turnove

Brand activation

Interaction between consumers and your brand is essential. We achieve this by creating creative, original actions and providing real-life experiences for the target audience. Not only consumers, but also the press.

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