Communication and strategy

A good strategy forms the basis of every successful communication plan. Therefore, effective action in communication starts with a well-thought-out strategy.

Development of the strategy

Two cents helps you with the development of your strategy and keeps in touch with your identity, target audience, message and goals. Together, we develop a creative and original strategic plan, which allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition. Of course, your budget and planning are always respected.

Two cents draws up a strategic plan based on a detailed briefing. That plan includes:

• Mapping of the initial situation,
• Formulation of a clear message
• Determination of the timing of the strategy, and the predetermined goals,
• Defining of the target audience of the communication campaign,
• Stipulation of the most efficient communication channel for your message,
• Mobilization of the right people for the implementation of the communication plan,
• Provision of the right evaluation tools for the measurement of media-coverage, the number of conversions, clicks and other KPI’s that are important to your company.

How do we work?

The Project Managers at Two cents all work together during a brainstorming session. The team consists of experts in content, press relations, digital actions, media buying and events. The expertise of every individual is part of the implementation of the strategy, to make sure that the goals are achieved efficiently. The team constantly monitors the evolution of ongoing actions, and will make adjustments when needed. The end results of actions are analyzed, and taken into account when forming advice for subsequent campaigns.

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