about us

Former Media & Press department of Advanced FairAdvanced Fair Media & Press has been delivering PR and media buying services for over 13 years. Our services have evolved from basic PR services (for fairs and exhibitions) to all-round content and communication management in many different domains (exhibitions, construction, interior design, tourism, ICT, …). Today we provide our clients with the PR and marketing expertise and resources that supplement their in-house skills with effective and creative solutions. To clarify our current identity and our specific range of services, we renamed this department of the company ‘Two cents’.
Experts in ‘Content & Communication’Our project managers are fully immersed in the projects they take on. They are ‘specialists’ in the brands, products, services and industries which we deal with in our communications. For each project, we create a network of journalists in the industry and write press releases to convince them of  the quality of our clients’ products or brands and generate awareness. Similarly, we can propose and effective media plan and/or build and maintain a loyal ‘community’ around a brand.  And ultimately, we increase lead generation, using content, contact management and effective webvertising.
Keywords: strong content, good contacts, a perfect database of journalists, lasting relationships with clients and press, content marketing, inbound marketing, community management and brand enhancement.
Many of our clients see us as their own outsourced PR or content marketing department; others come to us for support in one or two particular areas. Whatever your needs, we will develop a solution that is right for you, your business and your budgets.
BPRCA MEMBERTwo cents is a member of BPRCA, a not-for-profit professional association representing a group of core public relations consultancies based in Belgium. The association aims to provide standards of professionalism within the market and to share best practices; more generally it represents its members in Belgium.

our values


We measure our success on the scale of the success of our clients.

We seek to establish long term relationships based on mutual respect. We pursue an unrelenting quest for quality and are result-driven.


We work as a team and not as individuals.

Together Everyone Achieves More: effective teamwork allows workers to accomplish projects which are too complex or large for an individual to do alone. It allows a group to investigate a problem from many perspectives through brainstorming, which makes it possible to incorporate different perspectives and ideas.


We believe in social responsibility

As a company we strongly believe in our obligation to benefit society at large. Social responsibility is everyone’s duty in order to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem.

The Team


Managing Partner

Frédéric François: +32 476 50 26 90

Project Managers

Lieke Vervoort: +32 499 38 89 79       Marine Hiclet: +32 479 55 57 72       Ward Vanhee : +32 472 93 97 57       François Gehot: +32 475 85 91 16

Kirsten Van Pee: +32 494 58 53 13      Fiona Foschi: +32 476 99 88 27        Astrid Van Merris: +32 499 92 13 82        Hélène Tuypens: +32 478 76 35 93